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National Measurement Institute

Training and Assessment

We provide short training courses in biological, chemical, physical and legal metrology which you can now enrol and pay for online via our secure payment system.

NMI is a registered training organisation (RTO code 91419) and we offer nationally accredited assessment for verifier and weighbridge operators. View all our training provider details.

Before you enrol for assessment, ensure you have completed practical training within your organisation to develop the skills and knowledge required to meet the requirements of the assessment. Successful participants are awarded a nationally recognised statement of attainment.

Refer to theParticipants Handbook for an overview of our services, key policies, rights and responsibilities. You should also view our terms and conditions.

On request we organise in-house customised training or view the training run by NATA.

For further information email, call 02 8467 3796 or complete our online feedback form.

Non Accredited Training

Chemical and Biological Metrology Training

Our courses start at 9 am and end by 5 pm and include refreshments, lunch and learning material.

For those who are paying by purchase order, you will need to download and completeTraining Course enrolment form. Send your completed form to

To enrol and pay online, click on the course name below.

Training courses Brochure
Analytical method validation AMV00
Estimating measurement uncertainty for biologists EMUB0
Estimating measurement uncertainty for chemists EMUC0

Verifier and Weighbridge Operator Training

Our face-to-face courses start at 9 am and end by 5 pm and include refreshments, lunch and learning material.

Enrolment in an online course provide on-going access to a single user for four months.

For those who are paying by purchase order, you will need to download and complete the Training Course enrolment form. Send your completed form to

You can now register and pay for training and assessment online via our secure payment system.

Training courses
Verifying belt weighers
Verifying bulk flowmetering systems — gravimetric method
Verifying bulk flowmetering systems — volumetric method
Verifying fuel dispensers
Verifying LPG bulk flowmetering systems
Verifying LPG dispensers
Verifying milk flowmetering systems
Verifying multi-dimensional measuring instruments
Verifying non-automatic weighing instrument
Verifying point of sale systems
Verifying weighbridges
​Verifying wheeled loader weighing instruments
Weighbridge operators

Nationally Accredited Assessment

Verifier and Weighbridge Operator Assessments (Recognition Kits)

Choose the recognition kit/s appropriate to your area from the list below. The links below will take you to our online shop.

  1. Limited Weighing Instruments
    Subclass Item
    6.1 NAWI classes 1 and 2
    6.2 NAWI ≤ 30 kg, classes 3 and 4
    6.3 NAWI > 30 kg but not exceeding 3 t, classes 3 and 4
    6.7 Automatic packaging conveyor weighers
    6.8 Wheeled loaders
  2. Complex Weighing Instruments
    Subclass Item
    6.4 NAWI > 3 t
    6.5 Belt weighers
    6.6 Automatic rail weighers
    6.9 Totalising hoppers
  3. Liquid Measuring Instruments
    Subclass Item
    5.1 Fuel dispensers
    5.3 Milk Flowmetering systems
  4. Complex Liquid Measuring Instruments
    Subclass Item
    5.2 Bulk flowmetering systems for liquid hydrocarbons
    5.3​ ​Anhydrous ammonia
     10.1 LPG dispensers
    10.2 Bulk LPG flowmetering
  5. Simple Measures
    Subclass Item
    1.1-2 Length measures
    3.1-2 Trade masses
    4.1 Volume measures
    4.3 Alcoholic beverage measures
    4.4 Lubricating oil measures
    4.5 Pharmaceutical dispensing measures
    4.6 Brim measures for flowable solids
    4.7 Food products
    4.8 Non-food products
    4.10 Measuring container bottles
  6. Simple Measuring Instruments
    Subclass Item
    1.3 Fabric measuring instruments
    2.1 Area measuring instruments
    4.2 Beverage dispensers
    4.9 Grain density instruments
    8.1 Farm milk tanks
    9.1 Vehicle tanks
    13.1 Multi-dimensional measuring instruments
    15.1 Protein quality measuring instruments
    15.2 Cane sugar polarimeters
  7. POS and Control systems
    Subclass Item
    18.1 Control systems
    18.2 POS
  8. Operate weighbridges

For those who are paying by purchase order, you will need to download and complete the applicableAssessment enrolment form or theTraining Course enrolment form. Send your completed form to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you confirm the procedures for having all my nominated employees assessed through the recognition process?

A. The procedures for recognising competencies are detailed in the recognition kit instructions.

Q2. Can new employees or those who have not undertaken specific verifications in recent years still be assessed as competent?

A. Yes. It is possible for new employees to be assessed as competent, based on the evidence presented. Any prior experience relevant to the assessment of an individual’s competency will be considered as part of the recognition process. Experience gained during the individual’s training period will also be considered as evidence.

Q3. Can the documentation and processes for recognising competencies be simplified?

A. NMI has been implementing changes to the recognition process and the recognition kits to help streamline enrolments.

Q4. Is NMI able to provide training courses for small groups of three to four people?

A. Five attendees are generally required for a course to be delivered. However, a consultancy can be arranged for any number of participants. For additional information contact

Training Venues