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Proficiency Study Workshops

Proficiency testing assesses the performance of different laboratories and analytical methods by comparing their results for a single sample, and helps provide end-user confidence in overall data quality and reliability of results. NMI hosts workshops for participants and end-users (e.g. consultants, regulators, site managers/owners) to discuss the results of the studies and the significance of the proficiency study results.


Poly- and Per-fluoroalkyl Substances Workshop (PFAS): Follow-up to AQA 16-06

Workshop dated 23 February 2017 

Report and Presentations:

Introduction - Cheryl Lim, Manager, Strategic Partnership Projects (NMI) and CRC CARE Measurement Program Leader 
Measurement Challenges - Gavin Stevenson, Manager, Australian Ultra-Trace Laboratory, NMI
Outcomes - Raluca Iavetz, Senior Scientist, Chemical Reference Values, NMI
Future Needs - Karl Bowles, Senior Scientist, Contaminants & Risk: Chemicals, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage  
End-user Discussion - Cheryl Lim, Manager, Strategic Partnership Projects (NMI) and CRC CARE Measurement Program Leader