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Calibration Gas Standards




There are many areas where the accurate measurement of gas composition is essential, such as the determination of energy content of natural gas or the monitoring of stack emissions. In each area, quality gas reference materials are the foundation for making correct measurements.

NMI manufactures a variety of primary gas reference materials (PRMs) for the analysis of gases including:

  • Automotive exhaust
  • Workplace and mine safety
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Ethylene refrigerant mixtures
  • Fuel gases: natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), coal seam gas, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
  • As well as custom binary or multicomponent mixtures to meet your needs

NMI gas reference materials have the accuracy and low uncertainty needed for the custody transfer of fuel gases that are available with certificates issued under the National Measurement Act. NMI gas reference materials will assist your company to meet the often tighttesting specifications set in sales agreements.

In addition to PRMs, the NMI also offers certified gas reference materials (CRMs) where the composition of third party gas mixtures is assigned by the NMI through analysis. CRMs offer the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed composition and small uncertainty on low cost commercial mixtures
  • Cost effective way of delivering international comparability and traceability
  • Various gas cylinder sizes are available

NMI also offers a gas testing service – where the composition of gas samples is determined relative to NMI PRMs. 

NMI is accredited by NATA to ISO 17034 for the production of gas reference materials (details of our NATA accreditation and to ISO 17025 for the analysis of gases (details of our NATA accreditation)

Do you require a different type of gas reference material or need a gas sample analysed? Please let the NMI know.

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Damian Smeulders
+61 2 8467 3534
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Gas Proficiency Testing

As a local provider of gas proficiency testing (PT) services, NMI is dedicated to delivering PT studies in areas of importance to Australia. The PT samples are based on our unique gas compositions with recent studies examining pipeline natural gas from South-Eastern Australia, LNG (from the North West Shelf and from CSG), as well as coal mine safety. For the specialty gas industry NMI delivers ‘preparative PT studies’.

Click below for more information or to register in one of our gas PT studies.

Do you require a different type of gas proficiency testing? Please let NMI know.


Damian Smeulders
+61 2 8467 3534
on-line form 

International Metrology

NMI participates in international comparisons of gas standards with other National Metrology Institutes. Successful participation has demonstrated that NMI's gas reference materials are internationally comparable and deliver traceability to the SI (International System of Units).

The BIPM hosts a database where you can search for the results of international gas comparisons and the CMCs of the NMI (Identified as NMIA in the database).

Figure 1 shows the results for CCQM-K119 on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).