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Australian Government: National Measurement InstituteAustralian Government: National Measurement Institute
National Measurement Institute

Nanometrology Research

NMI develops measurement infrastructure, expertise and standards for nanotechnology. This work will assist Australian researchers and industries to capitalise on growth and commercialisation opportunities, and contribute to effective health, safety and environmental regulatory frameworks for nanotechnologies.

Our research activities are aimed at the development of new standards, measurement techniques and calibration services for nanostructures and nanomaterials. This includes the investigation and comparison of accuracies, limitations and uncertainties of nanoscale measuring instruments and methods. Here are some of our current research and development activities:

  • development of a metrological atomic force microscope as Australia's reference standard for nanoscale dimensional measurements, traceable to NMI's internationally recognised primary length standards
  • optimisation of data processing and analysis to improve resolving power and accuracy of dynamic light scattering measurements for polydisperse nanoparticle suspensions
  • development of methods to characterise sizes and size distributions of nanoparticles in application-relevant matrices, e.g. sunscreens

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We actively participate in the development of documentary standards for nanotechnologies at both the national and international level. NMI actively contributes to the work of Standards Australia’s technical committee NT-001 (Nanotechnologies) and is represented in the Australian delegation to the International Organization for Standardization’s technical committee TC 229 (Nanotechnologies).

We welcome suggestions for research collaborations. For further information contact or +61 2 8467 3784.

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