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Australian Government: National Measurement InstituteAustralian Government: National Measurement Institute
National Measurement Institute

Indicative Project

Trace moisture measurement standards

Background Info

​NMI maintains Australia’s primary standards for humidity measurement, currently down to a dew-point of – 30°C. The electricity, natural gas and food industries have need for the measurement of very-low trace moisture levels, corresponding to a dew/frost point of below – 60°C (<10 ppm levels of water vapour).

Project Description

​The project is to design and test a trace-moisture generator, based on passing air through a condenser at low temperature and high pressure and decompressing it. The aim is to establish a well characterised and quantifiable equilibrium between an ice surface and a flowing vapour stream. The project will involve developing experiments to understand the  dsorption/desorption processes along the gas path and the saturation efficiency (dynamics of the air/ice system).

Examples of Relevant Sudent Courses

Heat and Mass Transfer, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Thermodynamics

Student Level



3 to 6 months


Lindfield (NSW)


Mechanical, Thermal & Optical Standards


Ferdouse Jahan

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