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Indicative Project

Determining the purity of organic compounds using LC/ICP/MS

Background Info

The Chemical Reference Values team develops accurate methods of chemical analysis to provide reference values for trace amounts of selected chemicals in materials used by laboratories to verify the quality of their measurements. To ensure minimum uncertainty in these reference values, it is important to calibrate the instruments with standards of the target chemical that have a very well-known purity.

Project Description

The project involves investigation of a potential primary method for purity determination of organic reference materials using liquid chromatography coupled with ICP/MS. ICP/MS will provide the content of a target element in analytes separated by liquid chromatography and this can be compared with results for a suitable reference material containing the same element. Use of ICP/MS will allow selection of elements specific to the compound of interest, including hetero-atoms such as halogens, sulfur or phosphorus to confirm results derived from measurement of carbon. Proof of concept by comparison with purity of CRMs assigned using qNMR or classical mass balance approaches.

Examples of Relevant Sudent Courses

Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Student Level



1 year


North Ryde (NSW)


Chemical Reference Values


Paul Armishaw

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