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Deadlines for sending Environmental and Food samples to NMI North Ryde in the lead-up to Christmas

NMI North Ryde will be closed for sample receipt from noon Monday, 24 December and reopening at 8:30am Wednesday, 2 January.

Article date:
9/11/2018 12:00 AM

For submitting samples and reporting by Christmas, the following applies:

  • Samples for Dioxins and Furans in any matrix must be received by Monday, 12 November.
  • Samples for PFAS in Biota or Serum are required by Monday, 26 November.
  • Samples requiring a standard 7-working-day turnaround time should be received by the morning of Thursday, 13 December, including low-level organic residues, PFAS in soil & water, Glyphosate, Organotins, Chloropropanols etc.
  • Samples requiring a standard 5-working-day turnaround time (including BOD and air canisters) must be received by the morning of Monday, 17 December.

Samples received after these dates will be extracted if the timeframe allows, otherwise liquid/solid samples will be frozen, packaged food samples stored as specified on packet and air samples stored at ambient temperature. These will then be processed after our return in 2019 - which may have implications for recommended holding times.

If shorter than standard turnarounds are required, please let us know immediately and definitely before your sample despatch. We will look at each request on a case by case basis, facilitating processing and analysis before Christmas wherever possible.

If you or your team have any questions about sending samples, please call NMI North Ryde on 02 9449 0111.