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Consultation on Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement 2018-2019

You are invited to comment on the Consultation on Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement 2018-2019.

Article date:
14/12/2017 12:05 AM

The information presented at the face to face stakeholder meetings held at various NMI locations across Australia on 30 January 2018 is now available.

You are invited to comment on the Consultation on Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement 2018-2019.


The Australian Government Charging Framework, which includes the Cost Recovery Guidelines, set out the overarching framework under which government entities design, implement and review cost recovered activities. Cost recovery involves government entities charging individuals or non-government organisations some or all of the efficient costs of a specific government activity. This may include goods, services or regulation, or a combination of these.

This draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) provides information on how the National Measurement Institute (NMI) implements cost recovery activities associated with the administration of Pattern Approval (PA), Trade Measurement Licensing (Licensing) and Legal Metrology Authority Appointments (Appointments).

This consultation draft seeks feedback from interested stakeholders to inform the government’s decision to refresh authority to recover costs for services associated with the delivery of regulatory functions by NMI under the National Measurement Act 1960 (the Act).

Why We Are Consulting

A national measurement policy statement was released in November 2017 to clearly state the Government’s intentions for Australia’s national measurement system and set out principles underpinning Government decision making in relation to measurement. The primary objective of the Australian Government’s role in measurement is to provide a strong and effective national measurement system that is trusted and accepted both domestically and internationally.

NMI is seeking to engage and understand from stakeholders:

  • how to ensure Australia’s measurement system is financially sustainable, while at the same time facilitating innovation and reducing regulatory burden,
  • how the cost recovery model for regulatory services delivered by NMI may affect stakeholder decisions to take up these services and participate in the measurement system.

As this consultation impacts a variety of industries, businesses and consumers, NMI is seeking input from such stakeholders to help ensure that the consultation accounts for the widest possible range of needs and interests.

The Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement 2018-19 can be found here:

NMI is aware full cost recovery of legal metrology regulatory activities may have a significant impact on some parts of the market and is taking this opportunity to consider the views of market participants. Stakeholder feedback will be used to inform any possible adjustments to the proposed schedule of fees and charges outlined for 2018-19 .

Submissions to the review close on Thursday 8 February 2018. Submissions can be made via


For more information on the Consultation on Draft Cost Recovery implementation Statement 2018-2019, please contact NMI at or call (02) 8467 3419.