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Food Testing

NMI offers a comprehensive range of analyses on raw and processed food and beverages, including ingredients and GM commodities. Our food chemistry and food microbiology services include food safety, food composition and allergen detection.


Genetically Modified Food

NMI can test for the presence of genetically modified material in food and crop commodities using a range of DNA screening assays.


Allergen and Intolerance Proteins

NMI can provide analysis for gluten, peanut, hazelnut, almond, egg, milk, soy, seafood (crustacean) and sesame.


Food Safety and Contamination

NMI can analyse food contaminants such as heavy metals, allergens, microbiology food spoilage, microbiology pathogens, toxins and foreign objects.


Food Composition and Labelling

NMI provides a comprehensive range of food compositional and nutritional tests, as well as advice on labelling requirements.


Aflatoxins in Food

NMI is able to test for aflatoxins in a wide range of food products.


National Measurement Institute, Australian Government

Maintaining Australia’s standard units and standards for biological, chemical, legal, physical and trade measurement.


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