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Utility Meters

What do I need to do to sell or use Utility Meters?

Utility meters are meters that measure electricity, water or gas

On this page you will find general information about regulations for utility meters. More specific information for electricity, water and gas meters is available.

Australian regulations require utility meters used for trade to be:

  • pattern approved
  • verified.

Some exemptions to these regulations are explained on the relevant sections on electricity, water and gas.

Pattern Approval

A utility meter sold or used for trade must be pattern approved.

Pattern approval is the assessment of a meter design as being fit for purpose, and able to operate in the environment in which it is expected to be used.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) does not conduct pattern approval testing, but provides two pathways for applicants:

Apply for pattern approval.


A utility meter must be verified before it is used for trade.

Verification is the testing of meters that are of a pattern approved design to assess if they are operating within limits of error.

Utility meters are verified by ‘Utility Meter Verifiers’ (UMVs) appointed by NMI.

The test procedures for verifying utility meters are in the National Instrument Test Procedures for Utility Meters NITP 14.

How can my laboratory provide measurement services for utility meters?

NMI appoints the following types of legal metrology authorities related to utility meters:

  • Verifying Authorities: To verify reference standards of measurement.
  • Utility Meter Verifiers: To verify utility meters for use for trade.
  • Approving Authorities: To conduct pattern approval testing.

Refer to the appointed legal metrology authorities page for more information.

What utility meters can I install and use for trade?

A list of pattern approved utility meters is provided on the NMI website:

Some certificates of approval are “grandfathered” or “expired” or “cancelled”. In each of these cases, utility meters of that model or design are no longer able to be manufactured; however pre-existing utility meters can continue to be used for trade.

To determine if a utility meter is verified it must have either:

  • a verification mark, or;
  • a certificate of verification.

The verification marks which are used can be found in the certificates of appointment of UMVs.

Information about certificates of verification are found in NITP 14.

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