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National Measurement Institute

Consumer and Industry Liaison Committee

In May 2010, NMI established a key discussion forum between industry and consumer members, which became known as the Consumer and Industry Liaison Committee (CILC). Its principal purpose is:

  • to allow representatives of NMI, industry and consumers to exchange views about trade and regulatory matters as they relate to trade measurement such as:
    • scope of metrological control of measuring instruments used for trade purposes
    • pattern approval framework and service levels
    • trade measurement service levels and perception of compliance in the marketplace
  • to formulate advice to NMI aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulatory framework and service levels

CILC has been a driver in strengthening NMI’s relationships and engagement with industry and consumer bodies, while working together to evolve the national trade measurement system.

NMI encourages industry and consumer groups to take part in this committee.  Participation provides a valuable opportunity for NMI and its partners to engage with each other to promote and support best practice regulation.



  • General Manager, Legal Metrology Branch
  • Section Managers, Legal Metrology Branch

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science:

  • Manager, Chemicals and Packaging Review, Sectoral Growth Policy or their representative
  • Assistant Manager, Regulation Reform and Parliamentary Coordination or their representative
  • Choice
  • Consumers Association of South Australia Inc.
  • Consumers’ Federation of Australia
  • Queensland Consumers Association


  • Accord Australasia Ltd
  • Aerosols Association
  • Australian Food and Grocery Council
  • Australian Hotels Association
  • Australian Petroleum Industry Contractors and Suppliers Association
  • Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association
  • Food and Beverage Importers Association
  • Equipment and Services Council
  • Master Grocers Australia
  • National Farmers Federation
  • National Retailers Technical Standards Committee
  • Seafood Importers Association of Australasia 
  • Weighing Industry Association of Australia Ltd

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings of the CILC are held twice a year, usually during the months of April and October.

The meetings are chaired by the General Manager, Legal Metrology and provide an important opportunity for members to interface with the National Measurement Institute to provide input on regulatory policy and practices.

Archive of Previous Meetings